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About Me

Hi I’m Rachel.

I love making putting together lovely combinations of fabric colours and patterns to make pretty things. My daughter and her friends love playing with rag dolls and soft toys. On this site the dolls are all made to my own patterns that include all the features I know young children love.

Each rag doll has a smiley friendly mouth and button jointed arms so she can be put into different play positions. I realised that my daughter and her little friends were all drawn to soft toys with slim arms and legs that can easily be grasped by little hands. They have shiny eyes and smiling faces so they look friendly and cheery, ready to play schools and picnics and everything else your child’s imagination dreams up.

Because I’m a mum and because I wanted to make the best product possible I CE test my dolls so they all comply with UK and European safety laws.

I hope you find something here to enjoy and if you’ve got anything you’d like to see here or anything you would like to comment on please drop me a line…






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