Hi, my name is Rachel

and I make button jointed keepsakes. I make keepsakes from babies first clothes and also from the clothes of loved ones who have passed away.keepsake bunny picture


I have worked hard to create a range that I feel shows off my customer’s treasured clothing to its best advantage. And I have worked hard to create a range that stands together as a cohesive collection. So, if you would like a couple of different keepsakes made choosing mine will ensure they will look great together


I started making bears using the Calico Bear pattern from the Funky Friends Factory. It is a classic pattern and shows off the clothes beautifully. However, I wanted to offer my customers more choice. So I have added a giraffe, an elephant, a unicorn and a bunny to my range. Telling you about these in writing doesn’t describe them well at all, so I have included pictures throughout this and every one of my website’s pages.

memory bears picture

As a maker I love to look at the clothes and visualise what will give the best effect when the keepsake is made and on display. But each keepsake is designed for their own family. So I always ask clients to let me know which pieces are the most precious to them. It’s all about the client, and their memories.


I always get 5* reviews. And I really treasure the messages that customers give me when they receive their keepsakes and see their photos on my Facebook and Instagram feeds. To follow me on Facebook click here and on Instagram click here.


Just in case you are reading this and thinking – why the weird company name?!? I started out making baby change bags (hence the stork) in the style of messenger bags (so the messy bit). However I got bored sewing straight lines and I prefer 3d creations so I turned to keepsake making. Along the way I made some cute rag dolls for my daughter and clients, and I have made my own pattern which is available through my Etsy shop as a download.


And lastly a bit about me… I have worked in retail for most of my adult life. And I currently continue to work in a supermarket. However with the birth of my daughter, being tied to shift patterns and sometimes working both days at the weekend did not work at all for my family life.  I needed to create a life that allowed me to be at home more often with my daughter, and to use my creativity. So here I am.


Thank you for reading.

Rachel xx


PS, this video is of the keepsake bunny that I made for my daughter using her baby clothes.