Staying focused as a mumpreneur – one strategy that really works

Staying focused Staying focused in a busy life is hard. I have a 4 year old daughter, I work three days a week at a very physically demanding job, and I also try to maintain my relationship with my husband and my friends! And then in addition to all of these things I am trying to run this business... Do you struggle to stay focused? Mumpreneurs and all mums have so many things to try to ... Read the Post

My craft room – my creative space.

Craft room essentials My craft room, oh how I love it! In essence it's a couple of long white tables, some sewing equipment and some beautiful wall paper. But it's my creative space and here's why it works for me...   Light - as much as possible... To sew I need light. This room has big south facing windows so it's got loads of natural light coming in. For the evenings I have a 100 watt ... Read the Post

The nostalgia of my baby growing up

The nostalgia of my baby growing up Today I had one of those pangs of 'oh she's growing up so fast'. And as my brain finished thinking the thought my mum in law said 'oh she's growing up too fast'. At 3 and a half Little Monkey is desperate to become a big girl, or even better a grown up. That's her major interest in life along with getting 'skater-ing shoes' -heelies to everyone else - and ... Read the Post