Creating my own Elephant Keepsake

Elephant keepsake... I knew I wanted to create an elephant keepsake to add to my range but I really struggled to find one I like. I bought one pattern and actually made it up in clothes but I didn't like how it sat! I looked at some others and browsed all over Pinterest. But every single one had a feature I wasn't too keen on. One looked too skinny, several had trunks that I thought looked a ... Read the Post

Staying focused as a mumpreneur – one strategy that really works

Staying focused Staying focused in a busy life is hard. I have a 4 year old daughter, I work three days a week at a very physically demanding job, and I also try to maintain my relationship with my husband and my friends! And then in addition to all ofย these things I am trying to run this business... Do you struggle to stay focused? Mumpreneurs and all mums have so many things to try to ... Read the Post

My craft room – my creative space.

Craft room essentials My craft room, oh how I love it! In essence it's a couple of long white tables, some sewing equipment and some beautiful wall paper. But it's my creative space and here's why it works for me...   Light - as much as possible... To sewย I need light. This room has big south facing windows so it's got loads of natural light coming in. For the evenings I have a 100 watt ... Read the Post