Keepsake Unicorn – a video

Keepsake Unicorn

Hi, I have plenty of photos of my keepsakes in my shop and around my site. But I think it’s hard to really see something from a photo. So I have made a video of this keepsake unicorn so you can see her 360°.


My keepsakes all include embroidery – this unicorn has the embroidery patch on her leg. However with my unicorns I do sometimes place the name patch on the body. It all depends on the patterns on the clothing used. My main aim with any keepsake is to show off the features of the clothes. So the name patch will be in a place to compliment the designs not obscure them.

I think that the more features of the original clothes you can see the more reminiscent your keepsake will be. It’s all about showcasing the special memories of you and your family.

Extra details

So this keepsake is made from clothes that included a tutu. In the video I left the tutu off so you could see more details of the keepsake’s styling. Here she is with her tutu on…

unicorn keepsake photo

And as I said in the video she has movable legs… So here she is sitting…

keepsake unicorn sitting

Reasons for having keepsakes

This particular keepsake unicorn is made from baby clothes. I do also make keepsake unicorns from the clothes of people who have passed away. I will write a blog post on this soon. If this video has whetted your appetite and you would like to buy one click this link here. 

If you have any questions about my keepsakes I would love to here them. Just fill in the comments box below.

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