Creating my own Elephant Keepsake

Elephant keepsake…

I knew I wanted to create an elephant keepsake to add to my range but I really struggled to find one I like. I bought one pattern and actually made it up in clothes but I didn’t like how it sat!

I looked at some others and browsed all over Pinterest. But every single one had a feature I wasn’t too keen on. One looked too skinny, several had trunks that I thought looked a funny shape. I was starting to despair.

elephant keepsake photoSearching for my Perfect Elephant Pattern

Then I was searching through Etsy and found one listed in the shop BearyExtraordinary. It was sooo cute. I paid for it and downloaded it. And then realised it was only 4cm tall! So I enlarged the pattern. Although the shape and in particular the angled legs looked gorgeous I could see it would not quite work for my needs.

My priority was having a pattern that would show off the clothes of my customers to the best advantage. I wanted a button jointed elephant because this would fit well with the rest of my range. And I wanted a keepsake that would look consistently good no matter what type of clothing it was made from.


I started redrawing. I had a customer waiting for me to make her an elephant keepsake from her daughter’s clothes and although she knew that this would be the first ellie I didn’t want to keep her waiting too long.


Painstakingly I redrew each piece of the pattern on paper, cut it out in fabric , sewed it together looked at it. Re drew it and so on. And after numerous revisions I got it to the point where I was happy. Sometimes people message me and ask if they can buy my pattern. And I always say ‘no’.

For 2 reasons.

1 – the inspiration of it came from BearyExtraordinary and it’s not mine to sell

2 – I used some elements of the Funky Friends factory Calico Bear pattern which is also not mine to sell.

And so, the keepsake elephant that I make here at Messy Stork is unique to me, and it always will be

elephant keepsake image

To buy

If you would like me to make you a keepsake elephant click here to go to my shop.


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